Enzymes for the cosmetic industry

One area where the use of enzymes holds enormous potential is in the production of skincare products, natural cosmetics and nutraceuticals. Enzymes allow for the creation of eco-friendly products, improvement of cosmetic quality, and reduction of production costs🧴
Did you know that cosmetics manufacturing drives the growth of the enzyme market? People are interested in enzyme cosmetics, and businesses are seeking innovative solutions. That’s why we constantly expand our range and offer the best for you.
You can find with us:
  • ▪️ Various enzymes for nutraceutical production.
  • ▪️ Natural cosmetic oils.
  • ▪️ Softening and moisturizing enzymes for skincare products.
  • ▪️ Cosmetic emulsifiers for creating cosmetic products.
  • ▪️ Cosmetic surfactants for cleansing, foaming, and antimicrobial action.
  • ▪️ Plant extracts (powder and liquid) for natural and organic cosmetics.
  • ▪️ Plant and dairy proteins for nutraceutical and sports nutrition.
  • ▪️ Probiotics and digestive enzymes.
  • ▪️ Mineral salts and trace elements.
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