The Environmental Significance of Enzymes & Derivates in Production­čî▒

Today, the food system also accounts for greenhouse gas emissions, while losses and waste amount to 8-10%. Forecasts from the World Resources Institute emphasize the need to increase food production by 50% and animal protein by 70% by 2050.
What does this mean? It’s time to change approaches and create a sustainable industry. If you are interested in this, our enzymes will assist in the transformation.
By enhancing the quality of your products, they enable you to:
Ôľź´ŞĆReduce energy consumption
Ôľź´ŞĆDecrease water usage and mitigate water resource pollution
Ôľź´ŞĆMinimize the use of chemical substances
Ôľź´ŞĆEfficiently process raw materials
Ôľź´ŞĆReduce waste and emissions
We continue to invest in new developments for the advancement of sustainable industry. We take pride in the fact that our enzyme-based innovations not only enhance production efficiency but also contribute to the creation of “green” and environmentally friendly processes.
Have a look at our products page, select the industry you’re interested in and get in touch with us either through the form at the bottom of each industry page, or through our contact page located here.

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